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Great! We already have our domain name and hired a hosting plan. So we can begin to design a website. On this occasion we will refer to a corporate website, that is, a website where we will show who we are and what we do.

For me, the most important is to send a message simple, clear and direct, and if it is short, much better, because we surf the Internet very quickly, without lose time. In my opinion, a website should contain the following information:


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  • Who we are. Here we reflect our business philosophy, our character, our understanding of business and customer relationships.
  • Our products or services. It will detail what we offer to the market, always in a clear way, especially if the product or service is complicated to understand.
  • Contact information. We have to facilitate the work to those who are interested in us, so we’ll have very visible our contact details: phone number, e-mail, Skype, WhatsUp …
  • Why us. Here we will show our value added, the reasons why a potential customer could buy or hire our services. This may be on a separate page or as an idea broadly reflected throughout the website.


The important thing is that the user can know about us in a few clicks and in no time. This is basic. From here, we can have many advanced functionalities: online appointment management, documentation and downloads files, calendar, technical support center, online ordering system for the sales team …



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