How to register a domain name?

We know what we need, as a minimum, to have a presence on the Internet: a domain name (, for example), the website itself (static website, dynamic and customer upgradeable, online store …) and finally , the hosting (we booked space on a server to store there our website and have it always available.

In this article we will focus on how to register a domain name, explaining what aspects we need to consider to choose it correctly. But first, lets know the structure of a domain name:


  • agenciausm – Domain that corresponds to our name.
  • .com – Suffix or TLD.


1. Tips for choosing a good domain name

It is a good idea if the domain name is descriptive on what it represents. If we are carpenter, and our carpentry is called “The Tree”, better to choose “thetreeparpentry”. It could include a more descriptive element, corresponding to the geographic location of the business. If we are in Boston, we may use “thetreeparpentryboston”. In any case, we try to keep something simple and not too long.


[box type=”tick”]The key is to be descriptive.[/box]


2. Tips for choosing the suffix or TLD

Also useful that the suffix provide information on the type of business or organization that represents, as well as its geographical location. There are different types of suffixes. Some indicate Nationality (US, CA, ES…); some others indicate the type of business or entity (COM, NET, ORG, MOBI…), etc.. The most popular suffix is COM.

Sometimes we prefer to highlight the international profile of the company, so we would use the “COM”. Others, we prefer that the online business image is strongly linked to their nationality. In that case, if our business is canadian, we use the “CA” TLD.


[box type=”tick”]The key is the combination of the factors “typology” and “territoriality” of the business.[/box]


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