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Which are the minimum requirements for doing online business?

By | Marketing @en, USM Academy @en

Most entrepreneurs know that today you have to be on the Internet, but not know the minimum requirements for doing online business. An excellent way to start is through a corporate website. In her show who we are, what we do, how we work and where we are: the essentials for anyone to know our company.



As you can imagine, there are different levels of web presence, but the basics are three things:


1. Domain name

It is the name by which to know our company or brand online, what we write in the browser bar when we want to visit a website. The usual structure is:



The last part of the name (.com) refers to the type of business or the geographical area. “.Com” for commerce companies, even international; “Net” for Internet-related companies; “US” for northamerican entities; “Org” for NGOs, etc..


2. Design of the website

Is the design and construction of the website. There are many tools available to develop a website. The important thing is that the website meets our needs and those of the client.


3. Web hosting

A website is composed of a set of pages. All web pages and images that appear in them are contained and organized in a folder with their subfolders. This folder must be stored in a kind of computer, called a server, so that when we write the address in the browser (www.agenciausm.com) can be found and show the content to the visitor.