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How to design a website (2/2). Graphic design

By | Marketing @en, USM Academy @en

Regarding how to design a website, as explained in the previous article, it is important to provide accurate and clear information of who we are and what we do. Users will appreciate that we do not waste time. In addition, a clear, direct and brief message will generate confidence in users. Other factors such as the successful combination of colors or good pictures, generate sense of security in users.


Example of a website with attractive design.

Here you are some tips to make your website a enjoyable place and generate user confidence:


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  • KISS rule. Keep It Stupidly Simple. Don’t complicate the design with structures that disallow understand the message. A good habit is to put the elements (text, pictures …) one on top of other. This will allow also view properly the content on mobile devices.
  • Responsive. This a kind of structure in which styles, templates or themes can suit different devices from which the website is displayed: computer, mobile phone or tablet.
  • Choose a theme or template and follow the developer’s instructions. If we choose a CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal…) for the development of our website, we will apply a design template, that we have to acquire in the CMS market, either paid or free. It is worth spending the time necessary at this stage of development of the site and to choose the template or theme that best suits our company, product / service and client. Usually developers provide complete documentation on installing and configuring the template, along with tutorials to profit all the potential of the design.
  • The power of image. Choose high quality photo images and large original size, because that will allow us to use more options. A good image is capable by itself to convey powerful messages.
  • Attention to details. Be curious in choosing images, menu, typefaces, colors, buttons, horizontal lines and other content separators, etc.
  • Always improving. Always improving. Once the design is complete and website is published, we are going to let it work for a while and then let’s do it evolve. The usage will say us how to improve it.


In short, do a fine job, take the time to make an attractive website that invites to be visited. And don’t forget that is the showcase of your business.

How to design a website (1/2). Content

By | Marketing @en, USM Academy @en


Great! We already have our domain name and hired a hosting plan. So we can begin to design a website. On this occasion we will refer to a corporate website, that is, a website where we will show who we are and what we do.

For me, the most important is to send a message simple, clear and direct, and if it is short, much better, because we surf the Internet very quickly, without lose time. In my opinion, a website should contain the following information:


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  • Who we are. Here we reflect our business philosophy, our character, our understanding of business and customer relationships.
  • Our products or services. It will detail what we offer to the market, always in a clear way, especially if the product or service is complicated to understand.
  • Contact information. We have to facilitate the work to those who are interested in us, so we’ll have very visible our contact details: phone number, e-mail, Skype, WhatsUp …
  • Why us. Here we will show our value added, the reasons why a potential customer could buy or hire our services. This may be on a separate page or as an idea broadly reflected throughout the website.


The important thing is that the user can know about us in a few clicks and in no time. This is basic. From here, we can have many advanced functionalities: online appointment management, documentation and downloads files, calendar, technical support center, online ordering system for the sales team …


How to make a website? Different types of websites for my business

By | Marketing @en, USM Academy @en

Of the three operations we have to perform to be on intenet, we’ve seen the first: choosing the domain name. Now, in this article we will talk about the second requirement: how to make a website or, more specifically, choosing the type of website.

I’ll only explain what I think is essential that a business person should know when facing hiring a web design service: the common types of web sites.


Website made ​​in Flash

The main feature of these sites is that they have a lot of movement. They are sophisticated and very attractive. It is a resource used in the fields of art and entertainment, which seeks to impress the user. Flash is also used for gaming.
An example: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/new-fantasyland/



CMS (Content Management System)

CMS’s are one of the best and most popular solutions for corporate websites, blogs, even online shops. These are tools that allow us to build complex websites with many pages, multiple languages ​​and endless features. Many of these content management systems are free. In my opinion, a CMS is the best price-performance solution for SME. Some of the most popular are WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal.
Un ejemplo: http://iberges.es/




Tienda On-line

It is the ideal solution when we intend to sell online. The products or services are classified by categories or sections. When you choose a product, is added to a “shopping cart”. The payment is usually done on the same page by credit card. Of course, the company has access to a complete control panel, where you manage every aspect of the store. Among the most popular solutions are Opencart, Magento and Prestashop.

Un ejemlo: http://urbanous.com/




The choice of the website depends on the type of business, product and customer. In any case, if we sell online the best option would be an online store. Por el contrario, If we seek a strong presence on internet with the possibility to scale that presence and the website itself, I would recommend a CMS. If instead we want to promote a very specific event, such as a circus, then a good choice would be the Flash system.