Website or web presence?

Web presence scheme

A few years ago, and in relation to the Internet, the goal of any company was to have its own website. Today, the sector has developed exponentially, so there are many other ways of being in the Internet. That’s the reason because today we talk about “web presence” more than “website“. The difference between the two concepts is that the website is one of the elements or spaces that make up our web presence.

I recommend creating your web presence following these steps:


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  1. Analysis of the types of web sites that I can have.
  2. Analysis of the profiles of the company, the products, the services and the customers.
  3. Analysis of the use that can make each web space to present my company, its products or services, provide customer service, etc..


1. Types of web sites

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  • Website . It is our corporate site par excellence, where we provide the most comprehensive information about who we are, our philosophy, what products or services we have available, etc..
  • Online store. Is where the user acquires our products or services.
  • Blog . We use it to provide knowledge to the industry in which we operate.
  • Social Networking. In Spain , about 80 % of users are on social networks . Each social network has a specific profile. Some are used by all types of users, other by middle-aged working women…
  • Tools- mobile applications. All spaces and actions we take must be ready for mobile devices.
  • Email (direct marketing). Use your web sites to collect information from people interested in our products or services. Then send them information by email that may supplement by visiting our web site or online store.


2. Analysis of the profiles of the company, the products, the services and the customers

We must to sit down for a while and make ourself the following questions: What type of business do I have? What field within Internet is good for my business? What types of products or services do I offer? What field within Internet is good for it? How is my current client and potential? Where are my clients within Internet?


3. Use that can make each web space

In the online store we sell, obviously. In the corporate website we tell all about us; showing to the customer the confidence he need. In social networks we can show our projects, or even give customer support… We can make a specific use of each space.


Once we have analyzed the above factors, we can design a strategy and communication plan to create or enhance our web presence, which means to be as visible as we can. Only if people see us, hear us or recommend us, they can be interested in us.


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